Hospital Care

Our full-service hospital is equipped with modern surgery, radiology, pharmacy, laboratory, and dental facilities. As partners in your pet's care, we are here to answer any questions you may have concerning your pets health.

Doctor prepares a pet for sterile surgery.


We have a modern surgery equipped with safe Isoflourane gas anesthesia. A trained Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT) is present during sterile surgery to care for anesthetized pets. To ensure your pet's safety during anesthesia, each pet is given IV fluids, placed on a warming pad and monitored with a Pulse Oximeter which records their pulse, respiration and oxygen saturation We also have an EKG heart monitor, doppler blood pressure and esophageal stethoscopes. All pets receive pain medication before and after surgery and are monitored during recovery on a soft blanketed pad.

Dr. Megan reviews x-ray images with a client.


We are excited to announce the recent installation of a new Fuji digital radiology system. This is the same system used in many human hospitals and ER's. Digital radiography allows us to rapidly obtain high quality images as well as share x-ray images with radiologists. By eliminating chemical processing, we minimize exposure to our employees and the environment! All x-rays can now be viewed on computer moniters throughout the office. In addition, a EVA-Vet digital radiology system has been installed at our dental station, it helps us diagnose and treat painful conditions both above and below the gum line.

Dr. Wheeler reviewing test results in the laboratory.


We have a fully equipped laboratory to allow for rapid results and diagnosis of sick pets. Our blood chemistry analyzer allows for quick pre-anesthetic blood screening tests, full blood chemistry profiles and thyroid testing. We monitor diabetics with glucometors, use centrifuges to run fecal parasite examination and have incubators for bacterial and fungal cultures. We have rapid on site tests for heartworm infection, Lyme disease, Feline Leukemia virus and Feline Immunodeficiency virus and Giardia testing. Microscopes are used for blood counts, cytologic examinations and skin scrape examination. We utilize pathologists at certified laboratories for tissue biopsy reporting and special tests.

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